Website Design and Copywriting: Do You Need Both?

If you want a top-notch website with the highest chance of converting visitors into leads, you need to invest in strategic website design and copywriting. Your design and copy will lead your target audience exactly where you want them to go. We’re diving deep into the purpose, strategy, and implementation of website copywriting and design in this post. 

Copywriting comes first 

Ask any website designer and any copywriter, and they’ll give you the same answer–copywriting comes first. Although it’s not mandatory to have copywriting before you design a website, but it makes the entire process much easier for everyone. 

A copywriter’s job is to tell a story on your website and speak to your target audience. Your website designer’s job is to take the story and design a user experience that draws your website visitors through the story. 

When you design a website without copy first, you have to create copy that fits into a pre-written story. This isn’t always a bad thing (website templates work well for many business owners), but when you’re ready to invest in a highly converting website made just for you, you need to create the copy first and design second. 

When you complete design before copy, it creates unnecessary creative boundaries. You’ll have to fit your story into pre-structured boxes, which may hold you back from including important information. 

Plus, investing in copywriting before design will save you time and money time with redesigns, and there is a smaller chance of visual revisions. If you want to change the design, the project doesn’t have to start from scratch due to the completed copy.

User experience matters 

When you work with a copywriter on your website copy, you have a strategy behind your words. They’ll work with you to ensure you’re speaking directly to your target audience, you’re appealing to their needs, and showcasing what a client will gain from working with you. Your copywriter will review competitor research, target audience analysis and help establish your brand voice. 

These elements help a website designer create a user experience that pleases your target audience and guides them through your website visually. Every page of your website should have a specific goal. The goal could be to get them to a different page on your website, or click a certain link, or fill out a contact form. The words on your website page and the design of your website page will work together to achieve the desired goal. Strategy is a part of every decision on your website. 

Good copy elevates a good design and vice versa. 

When you invest in a beautifully designed website, but the words you throw on it are lackluster, or if you invest in strategic copywriting, but the website they’re placed on isn’t pleasant to look at… neither investment ends up being worth it. 

We always recommend for copywriting to be professionally written before we start designing. This way, the design will elevate important aspects of the copy. Not only does this draw the visitor through the website, but it will tell them what’s most important to read. And we all know the words are where the conversions happen. 

Have you ever visited a website that just didn’t look good? You probably left the website before even reading a single word on the page! It wouldn’t have mattered if they had the best website copy in the world–you still wouldn’t read it if the website design was a mess. 

Conversions are the goal

Great copy and great design will result in great conversions. While your copy will speak to your ideal client, your design will appeal to your ideal client. We like to say that great design will entice someone to look at your website, and great copy is what makes them stay. 

Copy is essential to the website design process. You can have a fantastic design and poor copy, but the site will not convert without both working together. 

While it’s not a requirement to invest in copywriting for your website project with Mo Creative Studio, it’s highly recommended. We have an in-house copywriting team ready to take the project to the next level. 
If you’re interested in learning more about how to pair website design with copywriting on your next project, send us a message! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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